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Why I Started This Blog.

I have worked with literally thousands of runners and hundreds of marathon runners over my past 12 years of practice.  During that time I have been relentless in calling marathoners “crazy” or “nuts.”  I have recommended everything from group therapy to possibly something stronger like drug therapy.  But recently began feeling slightly guilty, for some strange reason, for being so ruthless without actually ever having experienced what a marathon runner goes through.  

  • Why do they do it?
  • What is this “Runners high” they speak of?
  • What do they know that I am missing?
  • Or are they actually just CRAZY!!!

So I decided this past June, that I couldn’t continue to be a hypocrite.  If I wanted to have a foundation of true expertise with which to advice, counsel and possibly even critique marathon runners, I would have to eventually run a marathon myself.

And so that is what I am doing.  I signed up for the Marine Corps Marathon (thanks to some good friends with inside connections, I scored a spot long after the registration period had closed), and began training with the Galloway Metro DC Marathon Training Program.

This blog will chronicle, not just my training experiences, but will look for input from more experienced runners than myself.

In addition, I will share how I have attempted to incorporate every rehabilitation, chiropractic, and physical therapy trick known to man in order to prevent or in some cases, just limit the severity of runners related injury and trauma.  I will tell you what has worked really well, just ok, or not at all.

I look forward to everyone’s feedback and input.


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