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Booker marathon gear

This is a picture of me after my first 10 mile run.

That’s right, I’ve wilted to basically nothing except the clothes you see laying on the ground!

Good gear gets sweat “under control”

It wasn’t until I embarked on this whole “marathon journey”, that I realized the importance of proper running gear.  I was baptized with my first “dry fit” lesson on my initial run of over 5 miles.  My standard cotton shirt and cotton shorts left me looking like I just stepped out of a swimming pool, and feeling just about as weighted down.  But I was one of the lucky ones.  If you are really unfortunate, your cotton shirt and shorts will teach you the painful lesson of how sweat + cotton = brutal chafing. Since switching to the dry fit style of shirt and running shorts, the whole sweat thing has been much more manageable.

Running cap

Running cap, while optional for some, is a must for me. Keeps the sweat off my face, the sun out of my eyes and the occasional tree branch or cobweb off my person.

Athletic socks

Thick, double absorbent athletic socks, combined with a new pair of running shoes with orthotic inserts…CRITICAL!

I get all of my socks, dress, athletic and otherwise from Costco’s. Yep, that Costco’s. Much cheaper and very good. Some people prefer the thinner, dry fit style of sock. I haven’t worn the thin style for really long runs, but I love the cushioning of the thicker Costco socks, they deal really well with the perspiration thing and have helped with blisters as well. I’m sure this is a debatable topic with your running store professional.

And ahhhh yes, the running shoes …

What is not debatable is the importance of properly fitted running shoes. I work closely with Pacers and recommend them highly. Find a store near you with trained professionals, preferably people who are avid runners as well. There are several out there who will make your life a whole lot easier.

I will be posting a separate section on the importance of CUSTOM MADE orthotics and running shoes in an upcoming post.

One more thing … my utility belt

As for the utility belt, as I call it, you will need it. You will need a way to carry your water and a place to hold small items like keys, ipod, energy bar and a $20.00 bill should you need to call a cab to rescue you from a really bad run.

Again, talk to your running store professional and try on several different styles to find the one that suits you best. I prefer the belt with several smaller bottles so I can carry different fluids in each bottle; a couple with water, one with Gatorade or energy drink and one that I might mix.

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