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I Am Looking Forward To Getting Back To Capitol Rehab

As many of you are aware, I am participating in the Marine Corp Marathon.  Yes, it has been 5 1/2 months of running more than I have in, well…ever. And yes, I ran track back in my younger days, but I don’t ever recall saying to myself, “Let’s go for a quick little 12 mile run.”

Quick little 12 mile run?  Who says that?

Only a crazy marathoner, of which I have to now consider myself.  In any event, October 25th is the day, and so it is important for me to mention just how eager I am for October 26th, when I can get back to doing what I probably do best, and focusing on the work of providing what I hope is the highest level of chiropractic, physical therapy, pain management and fall prevention available.

October 26th marks another important date…

We will be transitioning from a Marathon Blog, specific to the interests and concerns of distance runners, to a Capitol Rehab of Arlington blog where we will discuss a variety of topics relevant to a broader spectrum.  There will be many themes and several topics, but if I had to put an umbrella over the entire message it would be this:

Get busy living, or get busy dying!

I wrote an introductory article in our January newsletter using this title as my platform. Essentially we can spend alot of time talking about how to prevent low back pain or how to treat plantar fasciitis, and we will.  We can tackle topics that are current and relevant like the swine flu or a recent study revealing that healthy kids who take Ritalin are at a 500 percent greater risk of sudden death, and we will do that too.  But the underlying effort will be to provide information that allows and encourages you to get the most out of your life.

In a world of mixed messages and a society that encourages dependency and passivity, I want you to take a proactive posture and live your fullest life. Can Capitol Rehab of Arlington play a role in that? Perhaps.  But our larger goal is to provide and share information. I have a responsibility to educate on the dangers of complacency. I have a responsibility to do my part and be completely open and honest about the dangers of smoking, obesity and excessive overuse of unnecessary medications.  I also have a responsibility to break down the ingestion of propaganda and mis-information.  If I don’t work to do these things, then I am not fulfilling my responsibility as a health provider.

At times I may step on some toes or hurt some feelings, this is certainly not my intention.  But it is much more important that I work to be right than liked.  So I look forward to chatting with everyone, and I hope to see you participating in the process. Get Busy Living, Or Get Busy Dying!

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