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Capitol Rehab re-launches web site; transitions blog from marathon training to wellness and health

As you can see, Capitol Rehab of Arlington has re-launched its web site! And for those who were following our marathon training blog which I started a few months ago while preparing to run the Marine Corps Marathon … you’ll be happy to note that those blog posts which generated so much interest and response have been “folded” into this new blog which now focuses on wellness, health, fitness and a chiropractic lifestyle. We are excited about these positive changes and we think most will find the improvements exciting as well.

The primary motivator behind our decision to go more “web 2.0” with our online presence was the tremendous response to our marathon training blog, Marathons Are for Crazy People. We learned from this original blog effort that there are many passionate topics to be discussed. Fortunately for us, a blog provides a great platform for these discussions to take place. As healthcare providers, we realize the importance of your input, for it is this input that will challenge our practice to continue to do the work necessary to meet our ever-changing healthcare environment.

Additionally, the wealth of information online is growing so we feel compelled to create a format that easily allows us to present the data in a more coherent and user friendly way. For me, this is perhaps the most exciting possibility. As the researchers review and present the current data, the responsibility to evolve continues to fall on the shoulders of the healthcare providers. Gone are the ideologies of the past. The empirical data will become clearer and clearer, procedures and methods will be judged based on results and consumers will seek providers who are not only cost effective but also able to bear the litmus test of peer review. I hope to present information that challenges common thinking and I welcome your input.

Lastly, our website will be a library of downloadable and printable information. Ever wonder what exercises are best for the 8 year old soccer player? Our site will soon provide an entire library of exercise specifically for knee stabilization. Questions about healthy eating? We have established a unique relationship with local farmers and are working to host of featured chefs highlighting organic cooking and recipes in the weeks and months to come. In the past we have shared some of this information in bits and pieces with our patients and clients. Now we hope to present a more complete “bag of goodies.”

But ultimately, our new format is driven by you the viewer. We are interested in hearing your views on a wide range of topics and our hope is that the new format of our blog and website will encourage your ongoing participation and discussion. Hopefully, we will exceed your highest expectations.


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