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The Foot Bone’s Connected to The Ankle Bone…


At Capitol Rehab of Arlington, we know how the feet are the foundation of the entire spinal pelvic structure. So any fallen arch or misalignment in the feet can cause pain (now or later) in the knees, hips, back or neck and even cause them to wear out prematurely. Many lower back issues are actually the result of feet that are poorly supported … and we can fix that!

We Now Have the Associate™ Platinum from Foot Levelers

Foot Levelers is a company that has been manufacturing custom-made orthotics, known as Spinal Pelvic Stabilizers for 55 years. Their new product — The Associate Platinum — is a scanner that allows us examine the three supportive arches of the foot, produce a color image and recommend a custom designed orthotic to correct the imbalances that could affect the rest of your body.

Call us today and let us show you what your feet look like!


Custom orthotic special for the month of December!

  • New Orthotics including Scan only $232.00 even for the Elite collection Normally Over $300.00
  • Re-orders are only $160.00 (normally over $230.00)
  • Capitol Rehab Facebook Fans and Twitter Followers … Take an extra $5.00 Special Price!

    facebooktwitterFans of our Capitol Rehab Facebook page or Capitol Rehab Twitter followers can take an extra $5.00 our December special prices for massage services!

    Perfect timing!

    It is the perfect time to spend those flex accounts on something that will improve the health of your body!

    Contact us at 703-527-5492 or use our online contact form to place your order!

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