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Are You a Fan of our Facebook Page Yet?


Wow, I can remember the days of having one fan on our Facebook page and that singular fan was my trusty marketing partner! Today, only a few short weeks after launching the page, we are now well over 160 fans … some who are very social and leave comments or kudos; both which we appreciate!


OK so yes, my marketing person keeps telling me, “Bill, don’t get too excited about the numbers. You can have a strong community with low fan numbers.” Actually, I know she’s right … the real meaning or value of our Capitol Rehab of Arlington community is not entirely in the numbers and I definitely shouldn’t put too much emphasis on the fan page count.

Alas, I confess, despite my best effort to not be fan page count hog, I can’t help but get a little (ok … a LOT) excited every time I see our Facebook fan page count go up by one or two new folks. I can’t help it. Call me numbers happy but the thought of reaching just ONE more person with information about health, nutrition, fitness and overall wellness makes me one very giddy doc 🙂

And oh yes, proud to say that the other day we had our very first new patient come to us through Facebook which yes, that was a super awesome moment for me (yup, another confession). To think that just months ago I was like “Facebook, what?” Now, we’re actually treating a new patient because they are fanning us via Facebook is quite the transformation, no?

I want to use this opportunity to personally thank a long, long-time and loyal patient, KS, for helping to steer me in the direction of social media for our practice and for putting me in touch with my marketing person who’s taken the lead on this whole thing and has put us on the Facebook and Twitter map.

These are exciting times, especially in light of the rise of the whole Health 2.0 movement. I hope that our effort to blog, share articles we have authored, communicating via email with you and the rest of our patient base and initiating outreach via Facebook and Twitter is really something that most of you feel good about.

If you are fanning us on Facebook, thank you for your fanship!
If you want to fan us, click here.

To your health!
Dr. Booker

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