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Message From Dr. Booker: I Would Like You to Meet Amanda

Sometimes it is just better to be lucky than good. And I have to say, meeting Amanda was a very lucky day for me.

Please take the time to read about a very special teenage girl who I am excited to introduce to you. Amanda is the 15-year old daughter of a very good friend of mine, and she has decided to accept a personal challenge to herself, and change her life for the better. Allow me to share the first email that Amanda sent to me just a few days ago:

# # #

Hello, I’m Amanda. I’m 15 years old. I’m 230 pounds or so. I made a new years resolution to be a vegetarian ((BUT, i want to wait after my diet that you prescribe is over, so don’t worry :)).  I love a lot of music but one of the things that has been one of my latest interests is Bob Marley. 🙂


I have Acanthosis Nigricans. Acanthosis Nigricans is a skin condition that is related to obesity and diabetes type two. All of these conditions have one thing in common: they’re chronic. My skin condition is located on my neck, sometimes my face, underarms, around the breasts, the arm areas, my stomach area, backside and more.


I’ve been living with this since I was in 4th grade and enough is enough. I wanna say that not only will I be helping myself, but I would be letting parents and other children living with this condition know there is hope and that you can do something about the condition as well as your health. I know the difficulty of having this condition all over my body. It’s not always easy for me. All we need is the love and the love and effort from yourself. You believe in yourself, that’s the key. I haven’t really believed in myself much until now. I’m ready to show ya’ll what I got 🙂

Also, I would be glad to document my progress such as blog, pictures, videos so others can see what’s going on.

Thank you,

# # #

After discussing Amanda’s case in great detail with her mother, we all decided that her story was simply too important to remain a secret. Amanda decided she wanted to document her entire weight loss journey, partly so she would have a personal record of her successes and achievements, but also so she could help educate other parents and teenagers to the risks and challenges of childhood obesity. The path Amanda has chosen is not an easy one, but she understands her efforts will result in a lifetime of rewards.

I am excited for Amanda and I am humbly honored that she has chosen us to work with her. Furthermore, I hope you will share this experience with her, and invite others, especially those who may be facing similar challenges, to follow along with Amanda through her photos, videos and blog posts. Maybe some of you might even feel inspired to leave a comment here on this blog post to let Amanda know that she is not alone on this journey.

I think 2010 is going to be a very exciting year!

Dr. Booker

Get Busy Living Or Get Busy Dying!

1 thought on “Message From Dr. Booker: I Would Like You to Meet Amanda”

  1. Oh, this is really inspiring. I wish you all the best Amanda! I hope you will achieve the goals that you are eyeing for. Great article and will really serve as an inspiration. I was surfing the net and was looking for articles about childhood obesity. I for one suffered with the same case. I was an obese teenager and receives a lot of criticism from my schoolmates and friends. I was so touched with your story as I also challenged my self to work hard to meet the weight that I would like to have. I have a friend from Arlington VA Personal Training Club who offers a great program and they are providing all the support that you need just like what Capitol Rehab of Arlington is doing. Thanks Dr. Booker for sharing this, all the best wishes for Amanda!

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