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Weight Loss Study Supports What We Should Already Know

Health and ergonomics expert Dr. James Rota has developed an exercise system designed to rapidly increase weight loss by combining strength training, aerobic exercise and muscle stretching. The “secret” to Dr. Rota’s new technology “The Freedom Spring System” is that it combines theraband resistance training with trampoline training.

In short, I endorse Dr. Rota’s exercise system, but then again, I endorse almost every form of exercise, and why? Because the best type of exercise is the one that you will do!

Regardless of whether your exercise program of choice is pilates, yoga, free weights, Jiu Jitsu or The Freedom Spring System, the goal of a complete exercise program is to incorporate flexibility, aerobic and resistance training into a program that compliments your lifestyle. Just about every weight loss study shows that if you are able to combine a complete training system with a reasonable and well rounded diet, you will increase your metabolism, accelerate weight loss and experience a higher quality of life. But you will only be able to recognize these benefits when you find a program that you enjoy and works for you.

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