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Chiropractors: No One Likes Them But They Can Help

One of my favorite quotes comes from Super Chef, Emeril Lagasse.  He says, “Fried food isn’t bad for you, bad fried food is bad for you.” The same applies to chiropractors.  People don’t dislike chiropractors, they dislike bad chiropractors.

It is highly recommended that you seek out a “sports chiropractor” or a chiropractor who incorporates treatments not just of the joints, but also of the muscles, nerves and surrounding soft tissues.

Such a doctor may or may not perform miracles, but will certainly encourage functional changes that will significantly reduce your back pain, but will also improve functionality and performance.  A good site to start your search may be

1 thought on “Chiropractors: No One Likes Them But They Can Help”

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