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Dr. Bill Booker on

In case you missed it, our very own Dr. B was on late last week. Dr. Booker joined a panel of medical doctors to discuss “Traditional Medicine Your Back Up Plan for Health Care Reform.”

The internet radio show’s host, Njideka Olatunde, emailed in this nice note post the show:

Greetings Dr Booker:

Thank you so very much for being my guest on the Health Is Wealth segment of the Wellness Experience. You were a great guest and a wonderful person to interview. I look forward to having you again on my show.  Please keep me posted about future events and programs you are involved in that I can share with my listeners. I support you and your success.

Dr. Booker is actively seeking opportunities like internet radio shows, webcasts, webinars and the like to share wellness, health and chiropractic benefits to audiences far and wide. Know of any opportunities where Dr. B can share his nuggets of wisdom? Make suggestions in the comments section below.

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