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Some Timely Lessons For Avoiding Back Pain While Shoveling Snow

If you are living anywhere close or around the Northern Virginia area, then you are used to getting ** snowed ** in. As I sit in the home office recovering from what surely will not be my last round of snow shoveling, I am realizing that my back is feeling a little tight. I’m certain I won’t be the only person who experiences some discomfort, or maybe even flat out pain, from this season’s snow-inspired outdoor workouts.

In light of this weekend’s #snowmageddon I have provided some helpful tips below and pulled together some videos of exercises that are very useful in preventing back pain.

Remember, these exercises are also therapeutic should pain, tightness, or soreness develop.

  1. The side plank
  2. Therapeutic home exercise for upper and middle back
  3. The fundamental core exercise

I also recruited my two kids to help demo my advice to most of you out there who I’m sure are stuck shoveling piles of endless snow … like me.

Let’s begin.

Tip #1


Oversize shovels will cause back pain

Tip #2

Ask for help with heavy shovels to avoid back pain


Tip #3


The right tools can make a large job manageable, the wrong tools will make for a very long day.

Appropriate tools for shoveling will reduce back pain

Tip #4

Injuries are far more likely to occur when you are fatigued and form breaks down.



Tip #5


Stay safe … and stay warm!

Avoid injury by having fun and beign safe out in the snow.

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