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Vacation bound with wife and kids in tow!

Dr. Booker here … just want to share with everyone that I am about to take a 2 week vacation! Awesome, right? I gotta tell you, I have never taken such a long vacation, and so the self-inflicted mind games are a bit distressing. Certainly, I am consciously aware that both my treating and administrative staff will be far more productive without me breathing on their necks. And even though I am certain that Debra, Tiffany, Beth, Patricia and Shanna, have already dusted off the Margarita maker, I still feel a little weird.

I am appreciative that Dr. Beck, Barb and Lyn have at least been polite enough to smile, while blatently lying to me, about much they will miss me while I’m gone.

As it turns out, this long vacation was more or less thrust upon me, when my children’s school decided that they would be having a 2-week spring break, for the first and last time in the school’s history. (Don’t they have days to make up after all of the snow this past winter?)

But as I try to finish up the last minute packing, my mind is slowly starting to process the details of the really cool adventure we have ahead of us. Here is a summary of the itinerary:

  • Friday March 19th, 2pm:
    Board the Autotrain in Lorton, VA to depart at 4pm.
  • Saturday March 20th, 9am:
    Wake up, having arrived in Orlando, FL. Spending one day at Sea World, hoping my children don’t witness another episode of “Killer Whales Gone Wild”
  • Saturday March 20th 8pm:
    After shoving some food down the little people throats, jump in the Minivan and head to Miami, checking in that evening.
  • Sunday March 21st-Weds March 24th:
    Hanging out in lovely Key Biscayne, FL. We have found out that there will be a couple other families from my kid’s school in that neck of the woods, while we are there. (Good to know I just found my babysitters, too bad the other families don’t know what is in store for them.)
  • Weds March 24th:
    Depart back to Orlando, where I will be completing a 4 Day Active Release Technique Seminar of the Upper Extremity, while my wife and kids visit large stuffed animals, such as Black and White Mice, talking Ducks and Goofy Dogs.
  • Sunday March 28th:
    Leaving Orlando and driving 4 hours to Hilton Head/Savannah, GA. Very excited about this part of the trip. Getting a chance to see the Old South and in particular, eat large quantities of the Famous “Low Country Cuisine”.
  • Weds March 31st:
    After 3 Days in Hilton Head/Savannah, we hop back in the Minivan for a short 2 hour journey to the beautiful Charleston/Kiawah Island, SC area. Again, as luck would have it, some friends of ours, and coincidentally friends of Capitol Rehab, the Dalier’s, will be in area the same time as us. 2 more days for me to eat alot of really good food. I should probably mention that I have given absolutely no thought to what the rest of my family will be doing while I repeat the cycle of drinking and eating and passing out, just to wake up and begin drinking and eating again.
  • Friday April 2nd:
    Arrive in Myrtle Beach, SC. We are very familiar with this part of the world as my in-laws are orignially from here. But it would be a mistake to assume that I have any intentions of breaking my very successful gluttony of eating/drinking/passing out and repeat. 2 days in the Myrtle area, culminated with an Easter dinner with the family in Tabor City, NC, 30 minutes northwest of Myrtle Beach. After dinner, maybe the hardest part of the trip, the 6 hour return.

Somewhere along the way, I hope to actually relax and enjoy the trip. More importantly, I hope I actually find out that I still like my family.

I will be in touch and hopefully look for some posts from the trip.

See you soon!

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