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Dr. Booker Completes Active Release Technique Series for Upper Extremity


Last week I completed the upper extremity protocols of the Active Release Technique Series. For the record, I was introduced to ART some 10-11 years ago and thought it was great then. But as I have grown to learn, most great things have a tendency to evolve. When I was learning some of the active release protocols, it seemed as if there were maybe 20-30 protocols for the entire body. Last weekend, I was going to be tested on 110…JUST FOR THE SHOULDER, ARM AND HAND!!

I knew I was in a little bit of trouble when I received the 440 page manual and two 2-1/2 hour DVD’s two weeks before my session with instructions that read: “We strongly recommend that you watch your videos, practice all protocols and be very well versed in the anatomy prior to the workshop.”

Confident as always, I loosely followed those instructions and showed in Orlando for Day 1. I realized I was in big trouble when the instructor informed us that a 90% was required to pass! To make matters worse, the exams were held in a practical format, where I was going to be required to perform the procedures ON THE INSTRUCTOR.


The unfortunate news for me was that I was going to have to really know my stuff or the instructor would quickly know I was fudging it (during my school days, fudging it had been a speciality of mine; back then, setting really low expectations and trying to barely exceed them was my preferred way of doing things.)

I knew this was going to be the start of a couple really long days, followed by even longer nights.

The short story is that I passed and with a 94, if you have to ask.

The long story is that this information will be another great addition to Capitol Rehab of Arlington’s efforts to provide the best care possible. These new approaches for shoulder, elbow, wrist and hand problems, as well as radicular nerve pain into the arm, are going to allow us to even more effectively and rapidly treat the most difficult upper extremity problems. Perhaps even more exciting is the improved successes we can expect with post-surgical patients.

Dr. Beck has already completed the certification for the lower extremity and will be taking the upper extremity later this month. I will be completing the lower extremity sometime this summer.

If you have questions about upper or lower extremity injuries or about Active Release Technique, please do not hesitate to contact me at DrBooker [@]

Dr. Booker

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