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Youth Athletes: Teens and Sports Injuries

Let’s talk teens and sports injuries.

There are two main types of sports injuries: an acute traumatic injury and an overuse or chronic injury.

An acute traumatic injury involves a trauma from a single blow to an area of the body. They can include any of the following: fractures, strains, sprains, lacerations/cuts, abrasions/scrapes, head/neck/spinal cord injuries, or bruises/contusions.

Chronic injuries are the result of repetitive training or overusing an area of the body over time. These can include: stress fractures, tendonitis, growth plate overload, and repetitive motion injuries. Although acute injuries are serious, overuse injuries should not be ignored. Overtime, untreated chronic injuries are sure to get worse.

Now that we know what a sports injury is, let’s discuss prevention.

Some tips to keep your child safe in any sports season:

1) Insist on a pre-season physical. Make sure your child is in good physical condition before playing any sport.

2) Buy appropriate equipment. Make sure any protective gear fits properly.

3) Warm up. Make sure your child has a thorough 10-15 minute warm-up before beginning any activity. Don’t forget cool down stretches at the end of any activity.

4) Drink lots of water.

5) Don’t allow sick and/or recovering children to play. Keep them at home until he/she is fully recuperated.

6) Most of all, have fun.

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