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Active Release Technique and Runners Injuries

In a couple of weeks I am heading to Minneapolis to take my spine certification in Active Release Technique.  I am extremely excited about this particular credential because it will complete my full body training (Upper Extremity, Lower Extremity and Spine) in the Active Release Technique.

Although I have been treating soft tissue syndromes and injuries for quite some time, I continue to find that the more opportunities I have to be around talented practitioners, and practice side by side with them, the more sensitive and precise my diagnostic and treatment skills become.

Of all the populations we treat with ART, runners seem to be the group that are collectively the most sensitive to ART treatments and seem to respond the best. I recently came across a good article written in The Running Times by Tamara Rice Lave, Ph. D.  Dr. Lave represented the U.S. in the marathon at the 2003 IAAF World Track and Field Championships in Paris.

Later this year I will complete the Active Release Certification in Long Nerve Entrapments as well as a Masters Program with the founder of ART, Dr. Michael Leahy.

If you have never been suffering from chronic pain or a nagging injury, I highly recommend seeking the advice of someone certified in Active Release.

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