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It’s Labor Day. Are You Ready For Your New Year’s Resolutions?

A good friend of mine, Dr. Lorraine Johnson of, told me about a really useful technique she like to incorporate. She begins her “New Year’s Resolution” immediately after Labor Day.  At first, I thought this to be an odd practice.  But after studying her concept more deeply, and actually attempting it on my own, I now see the genius.

For most of us, our year doesn’t actually begin in January, rather it begins in September.  I understand what our calendars say, but think about it.  September is when the randomness of summer once again gives way to the routine.  For many of us, September is when the summer camps and  vacations end and our kids school year begins.

In fact, it can be argued that January isn’t a change at all from December, but by comparison, September is a totally new world from the frolic and frenzy of the summer.

So as the world demands you to “get back into your routine”, I challenge you to “get back on the wagon” now.  Why wait four months to do what is probably better suited now?

Think about this, if you started a 90 day fitness program now, say a Body For Life or P90X program, imagine where you would be come December?

I have also modified this idea to be even better.

Instead of stressing for 90 days, start today and take 10 days off the 9o-day program and make it an 80-day plan. If you look at your calendar, that gets you looking and feeling great just in time for Thanksgiving.  Now you can can eat whatever you like over the holidays and not feel at all guilty about it!

If an 80-day commitment sounds too daunting, I have a simple 7-day solution, that only requires 2 simple steps to jump start your New Year’s resolution.

1.  For one week (7 Straight Days), drink only water.

This means no soda, no juice, no milk, no coffee/tea, no alcohol.  (If you need something warm, choose an herbal tea.)  I won’t bore you with a lecture about the benefits of clean water, but suffice it to say, this simple step may take a bit of getting used to, but after only 7 short days, you will have no idea how alive and awake you will feel. You can thank me then.

2. Start a solid multivitamin program.

Visit your local Whole Foods, health store, or give me a call for good suggestions.  Your program should include a multivitamin and preferably an Omega 3 supplement as well.

Start with these two baby steps and then consider introducing another wellness component into your lifestyle.

If you have questions, do not hesitate to contact Dr. William Booker at, or visit our website

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