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Nonprofit Finds A Fun Way to Fight Childhood Obesity

Girls On The Run has now become an international organization training 8- to 10-year-old girls to run a 5k in a 10-week program while teaching them about good self esteem and life skills through fun activities.  Created by Molly Barker in 1996, Girls On The Run has grown from a group of 13 girls to tens of thousands of girls in 150 cities across the US and went international in 2000.

At the first sound of elementary school girls running 3.1 miles, one might say, “That doesn’t sound like much fun?  Why would they want to do that?”

But Girls On The Run manages to disguise the running with games and activities that also teach the girls important life skills.  The girls learn about positive thinking, good self esteem, and healthy self image as well as saying no to drugs and alcohol, how to deal with bullies, and the harm of gossiping. They learn of other ways to deal with stress, when some would choose to turn to food.  The girls also learn about giving back to their community by organizing and performing a community project.

“This is my second season coaching Girls On The Run and it’s so rewarding.  Watching all of these girls grow and excel is amazing and the best volunteer work I could ever do.  It’s priceless,” said Beth Mills.

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