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Having a Hard Time Keeping Your New Year’s Resolutions?


Are you one of the millions that make a New Year’s resolution every year to lose weight and you always end up breaking it?  Maybe you need to change the way you approach your resolution.  Instead of thinking that coworker’s birthday cupcake has broken your resolution, just get back on the wagon.  Think of your resolution as a work in process.  Perfection is not the only way to reach your goal.  Sure, perfection is fabulous. But if you have that cupcake, just get back on the treadmill and eat perfectly the rest of the day and the day after.  One strike does not mean you’re out.  It’s only a small setback.

Here are a few tips for keeping your New Year’s resolution and reach your goals.

#1 Don’t set your goal too high.

Baby steps.  If your goal is to lose 15 pounds, start with 5.  Once you achieve that, than set your goal to lose 5 more.  The smaller goals are more obtainable in a shorter period of time and you’ll have a lower chance of getting frustrated and quitting.

#2 Don’t make 100 New Year’s resolutions.

It’s hard to concentrate on multiple tasks.  Put all of your energy and focus into meeting one goal.  You’ll have a better success rate if you don’t spread yourself so thin.

#3 Tell everyone about your resolution.

They will help you stay on track by asking you how you are doing with it, encouraging you not to cheat, and scolding you if you do cheat to get back on the wagon.

#4 Reward yourself.

If you are doing a great job, set a time length or mini weight loss goal to treat yourself to something like a hot tea at the local café or a buy yourself a present at the mall.

#5 Choose a better time to start your New Year’s resolution rather than a date dictated by the rest of the world.

Some people tend to make it to the gym more often when it’s not so cold outside and have more chance of success with a Spring start!

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