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How To Lose 1 Pound a Week

How would you like to be 50 pounds lighter 12 months from now?
Fifty pounds comes out to about three pants sizes. Can you image how you would look three sizes smaller? You’d look like a whole new, younger person.
It’s actually much easier than you think.We’re not talking about invasive, costly surgery, dangerous pills or potions, or grueling routines. All it takes is losing one pound each week. One measly pound. A pound is 3,500 calories — spread that over seven days and voila, you’ve found a 500-calorie deficit each day to lose 1 pound in a week.
Your 500-calorie deficit can be done by a combination of increased calorie exertion (exercise) as well as a decrease in calories consumed (“diet” or just eating less).
Follow these easy steps and you will know the secret of how to lose 1 pound a week:

1. Record your normal weekly exercise

Look at everything from walking to participating in sports to exercising in the gym. This is your starting point. From here you’ll need to burn an additional 3,500 calories on top of your normal weekly exercise. If you don’t currently exercise, then any new activity will count towards your 3,500 calorie weekly goal.

2. Record your normal weekly food intake

This may be an eye-opener when you see how many calories you eat in a day. Record everything honestly, since you are only cheating yourself by not recording everything. Calculate the total number of calories that you eat in an average day. Now divide the 3,500 calories between your activity list and your food list. You could choose to eliminate 1,000 calories each week and burn off an additional 2,500. Or you may decide to burn 3,000 calories and eat 500 fewer calories.
Think it’s too hard. Well, it’s not, and here’s how to make it easier.

5 simple ways to cut 250 calories

  1. Drink plain coffee instead of a sweetened coffee drink. Flavored coffee drinks are delicious but filled with way too much sugar. Drop 250 calories (or more) when you stick with plain coffee or tea instead of sugar-filled coffee drinks.
  2. Jog for 30 minutes. Want in on a little secret? The hardest part about a simple 30 minute jog is the act of getting your shoes on and walking out the door. It’s true.
  3. Swim laps for 30 minutes. If your response to the jogging suggestion was ‘I have bad joints’, then you are in luck: Swimming is one of the best aerobic activities you can do, and it is impact-free. When you swim you recruit your entire body, a process which requires lots of energy, a.k.a calories.
  4. Exchange 20 ounces of regular soda for water. You know that soda is filled with tons of sugar, so why are you still drinking it? Every time you crave an ice cold cola picture swallowing spoonfuls of white sugar. That’s probably the easiest way to weight gain. Stick with water and kiss those extra calories goodbye.
  5. Eat an apple instead of a cookie. Do you always go for something sweet after dinner? While your first instinct may be to reach for a cookie or a bowl of ice cream, why not consider what nature has to offer? Fruit is sweet, natural and lower in calories than traditional desserts.
Losing 50 pounds in 12 months is very possible. Simply use the tips above to create your daily 500-calorie deficit and you’ll be shedding the weight in no time.

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