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4 Tips To Help You Work Out At Work

If you work in an office, you probably sit for about six hours per day. That’s a lot of down time! But even if you’re quite busy at work, it’s still possible to find time to exercise. When you can’t make it to a gym, don’t let that sideline your exercise. Try these simple techniques to work out at work:

1. Walk during conference calls.

Use a cell phone or headset, and get up and pace around. Hold your notes in your hands and keep moving.

2. Exercise in your chair.

If your chair is wheeled, you can push and pull yourself around. Push away from your desk to increase your upper-body strength. Then walk with your heels toward your desk to work your hamstrings and thighs.

3. Stretch.

While seated, twist from your waist and reach around the back of your chair. Return to your original position, and then perform the same motion on the other side. You can work your core by holding a laptop or heavy water bottle when you reach back

4. Breathe between e-mails.

For every three e-mails that you send, stand up and take three deep breaths. This will reduce stress and work your lower body as well.

To avoid gaining weight, you should strive to make good food choices as well.  Each time you eat, think lean and green. If a food contains lean protein and comes from the earth, you’re very likely on the right track (unless the food is fried). Contrary to what some people believe, you should eat breakfast, lunch and dinner every day, as this will stabilize your energy levels and keep your metabolism running high.

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