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Happy Birthday to Me! (and various tips for folks over 40!)

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Happy Birthday To Me!

With my 42nd birthday now clearly in the rear-view mirror, I am reminded of something Chris Rock once said, “When you turn 40, the only time anyone considers you young, is if you’re dating Elizabeth Taylor.” And so it is! I have officially crossed over into “middle age,” … no more “young guy” for me. So I guess it’s time for me to get a little wiser and maybe even try to act it, too. So it is with no further adieu, I bring you “Three Things Everyone Over 40 MUST Do” and “Three Things Everyone Over 40 CAN NEVER Do.”

3 Things Everyone Over 40 Can **NEVER** Do!

1. Walk around in public with a black eye. A few weeks ago, a man was walking towards me with a proper looking suit, a proper looking tie, a very professional briefcase, some proper looking glasses…and a black eye! A big ole’, southern-shiner, clear as the morning sunrise. I stopped dead in my tracks, just as I would if I saw Sammy Davis Jr. on the Red Line! What was wrong with this man? What could he have possibly done to warrant catching a bad one to the left eye? Maybe he was a competitive kick boxer? Or maybe he was just the kind of guy who routinely gets punched in the eye? In any event, if you are over 40, and happen to suffer a black eye, this is exactly the time to exhaust your sick days.

2. Shout in Public. I’ve given this one a lot of thought. Can you think of a time it your adult years when it was appropriate to raise your voice in public? This was first brought to my attention one day when, while driving through Arlington, I recognized a patient of mine. I instinctively rolled my window down and yelled out, “Hey, (so, and so). It’s me!” My wife just about grabbed the steering wheel and pulled us off the road, where she calmly asked, “What in the blue h___ are you doing?” Enough said. In her calmness, she was exactly on point. To further demonstrate my argument, the next time someone shouts at you, just stand there and quietly smile and nod your head. Eventually, even the perpetrator of the initial shout will see the error in their ways, quiet down, and sometime even apologize for their momentary “lack of cool.”

3. Smoke. Alright, this one is a little bit more on the serious side, but it begs the question, “Why do intelligent people smoke?” They obviously know that smoking brings with it the most horrible of endings. They certainly know that “ashtray” isn’t one of the top selling fragrances at the Nordstrom’s perfume counter. And they obviously know that talking with a tube in your throat ain’t sexy and it ain’t cool! I have tried with all the powers of my mentals to come up with a good reason to smoke (and for what it’s worth, I was able to come up with 72 good reasons to drink alcohol, but still nothing for smoking.) So if you are over 40, you had your fun, it’s time to take on a better addiction, like Meth or Heroin. At least you will be really funny like Charlie Sheen. …and now here is my list for what everyone over 40 MUST do:

3 Things Everyone Over 40 MUST Do!

1. Lose 5 Pounds. Unless you are triathlon fit, you would be well served to lose 5 pounds. For most of us, 10-20 is more like the number, but we’ll start with just five. I have recently lost 18 pounds, and I still see plenty of room to tighten up. Surprisingly, losing 5 pounds can easily be accomplished with just a few minor dietary changes in about a week to ten days. (Take a look at “4 Hour Body” by Tim Ferriss if you want some suggestions.) I saw reports that Alex Rodriguez and CC Sabathia, two Major League Baseball superstars for the New York Yankees, each reported to training camps 20 pounds lighter. If that type of weight loss is good for an athlete who is already elite, how good must it be for you and me?

2. Set An Outrageous Goal! And I do mean *outrageous* !! By making the goal outrageous, you will get far more out of the accomplishment. Here are just a few suggestions (by the way, some of these are already my goals, I would love for you to join me in these challenges): a. Start a new online business b. Train to run a marathon or half marathon ( c. Become a gourmet chef ( d. Get certified to SCUBA. ( I have a buddy who does this if you are really interested, email me at e. Do 100 pushups in a row ( f. Do 20 military pull-ups in a row ( g. Learn a new language ( h. Lose 20 pounds – We already talked about it. i. Take an EXTRA week of vacation!

3. Stop Making Excuses! If not now, then when? If you are over 40, you are late to the party, this action step should have happened about 15 years ago. If you are over 22, its time to get going. It would be a tragedy if 12 months from now, you are exactly where you are right now. Get up and do better. You’ll be glad you did. I’ve given you the challenge, the ball is in your court! “Get Busy Living or Get Busy Dying.” Dr. Booker

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