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The *Barb n’ Babies* Update: Double the Joy = Twice the Sleepless Nights!

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Understandably, our physical therapist extraordinaire — Barbara Fallon Wallace, MSPT, DPT (aka Barb) — hasn’t been around the office as regularly as she used to be. It probably has something to do with those young twins that now occupy her every last moment. I had the chance to speak to Barb recently and she wanted to pass along a message to all of her Capitol Rehab of Arlington friends:

“I am really enjoying my new role as a mom. As every mom would agree, sleep is a luxury of the past, and two, very young twins bring an entirely new meaning to the term “tired”. The days seem to be a constant cycle of feed/change/play/repeat. But Dan and I couldn’t imagine doing anything without our two little ones by our side. (This doesn’t include going for runs, a girl’s gotta have a little “me” time.)

The girls are growing like weeds and their new tricks amuse us on a daily basis!

Current stats at 11 weeks:
Karalynn is 7lb 6oz and Kaleigh is 7lb 11oz

I hope everyone is doing well and keeping healthy! I anticipate rejoining the Capitol Rehab of Arlington team sometime in May/June and am looking forward to returning. I miss everyone!”

We miss you too Barb, and good luck with that 2 hours of nightly sleep!

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