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Capitol Rehab Office Hours Extended in 2012

We heard you loud and clear and now Capitol Rehab office hours have been extended to accommodate our patients.

2011 was the year of the beating! That’s right, I took a beating from the beloved patients of Capitol Rehab, as I was reminded, (repeatedly I might add), that it has gotten difficult to schedule appointments during some of our business hours. And maybe worse still, during some of our hours, the wait has become unusually long.

So in an effort to answer the call, we have added a highly skilled chiropractor to our team and are now offering extended office hours.

Beginning January 2, 2012, Capitol Rehab of Arlington will:

-Open at 7 am Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.
-Be Open until 3 pm on Saturdays.
-Have two doctors available to see patients during our busiest evening hours of 4-6 pm, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday.

2012 is going to a big year with big additions to Capitol Rehab of Arlington. First, allow me to introduce Dr. Matt Fontaine. Dr. Fontaine is a Full Body Certified Active Release Technique provider who brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to Capitol Rehab. His addition, plus the extension of our treatment hours, will allow us to better serve the loving and loyal patients of Capitol Rehab.

So speaking of BIG ADDITIONS, what are yours? If you are anything like me, the New Year sparks the inner fire to make a change. Sometimes the change is earth changing, but more commonly it is one of those small internal adjustments. This year, I am asking all of us to table the annual “Lose 20 Pounds” campaigns, and instead, look inward.

Losing 20 pounds is a good step, but self improvement should be the ultimate goal.

Allow me to share. This past summer I had the opportunity to visit Barcelona, Spain. It was my first visit overseas, so understandably, I was full of naive expectations. As a blue blooded, home-grown American, I figured I would do like most tourists and politely tolerate the simple ways of a “less sophisticated” country. After all, its all about American exceptionalism, isn’t it?

One thing is certain, whoever came up with the term “American exceptionism,” didn’t spend time in Barcelona, Spain, because if Barcelona were in the United States, it would easily be a top 5 destination.

Barcelona has:

-Beaches to rival Miami
-Shopping to rival Rodeo Drive
-Hotels to rival Vegas
-Restaurants to rival New York City
-History to rival Paris

And best of all, people that are without rival! And that’s my New Years Eve Challenge to You!!

Try to be more like the people of Barcelona.

If you have never been to Barcelona and you have no idea what it means to be a Barcelonian, here is all you have to do:

1. Do whatever you already do, just do it with more passion and maybe do it a little better.
2. Remember that every day you live, is one less day you have left to live. So live this day to its fullest.
3. Be a better person always.

With all that Barcelona has to offer, why aren’t the people more like .. well… Americans? Certainly the people are proud, and there most assuredly is a sense of National Pride, but its not at all similar to running into the New Yorker who brashly announces where he is from by yelling “UPTOWN!!!” to everyone within earshot.

So in 2012, let’s take a small step sideways, and lets learn from Barcelonians:

1. Eat a little less, and walk a little more. This has to be the reason I didn’t see any obese Barcelonians.
2. Spend less time in front of your computer and more time in front of people. Conversation builds connections. This must be why Barcelonians take 2 hour lunches.
3. Celebrate something. This must be why the parties don’t start until after midnight … every night.
4. Embrace similarities and welcome differences. This explains why despite my inability to speak five solid words of Spainish, Barcelonians always went out of their way to make me feel welcome.
5. Count lives blessings, and then count them again. You only go around once, you should start now trying to make the best of it.


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