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Dr. Craig Liebenson, DC with Dr. William Booker, DC and Daniel Karp, DPT

It’s Always An Honor & Privilege To Be In The Presence of THIS Doc

There we are!

Capitol Rehab of Arlington’s physical therapist Daniel Karp, DPT and I with the famous Dr. Liebenson!

Yep, that’s right …

That’s *the* Dr. Craig Liebenson, DC — one of the world’s innovators and revolutionaries in the area of functional rehabilitation who has also been a primary contributor to the development of integrative sports medicine.

I began studying under Craig Liebenson way back in 1998.  Much of what I know about treating athletes and athletic injuries, I directly credit to Dr. Liebenson.

Over the years, Craig and I have remained friends and any time I am fortunate to catch up with him, I make every effort to do so.

A couple of months ago, Craig was in Philadelphia and I brought Dan along as our newest physical therapist to participate in a workshop on Functional Rehabilitation of the Athlete.

I think Dan found the information profoundly useful for our style of practice and incredible beneficial in expanding the treatment options available for our patients.

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