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Coach Reggie Kitchen with my son Quint Booker in Sterling, Virginia

Here’s To Walking The Walk (And A Huge Shout Out To Coach Reginald Kitchen & Coach Mo)

Many of my Sundays are spent making a 35 mile drive from Ft. Washington, MD to Sterling, Virginia just so my son, Quint, can meet with Coach Reginald Kitchen.

Now I understand that for many people, as well as many parents, this type of “optional” commute would seem excessive and ridiculous…especially just so a 10 year old can work on being better at basketball. But I have to start my explanation by saying that I AM one of those CRAZY sports parents we all read about. This is important to note because I also happen to TREAT the young athletes of these CRAZY sports parents. And unfortunately, the sports injuries that we see have become all too common. But HERE’S THE GOOD NEWS…These injuries are not only predictable, they are preventable!


The epidemic of youth sports injuries was the motivation for us to develop a unique approach to evaluating and treating the young athlete. 2015 is going to be a special year because we are rolling out our KIDS ATHLETIC AND SPORTS PERFORMANCE PROGRAM.

This program was developed with the young athlete in mind. We have designed a Functional Evaluation For Young Athletes (ages 8-18) that will provide valuable information for the athlete, the parent and the coach. Our evaluation bridges the gap between the coach and the doctor, while providing information and a course of action for the parent and the athlete. We hope to significantly reduce the number of repetitive stress and acute traumatic injuries in young people.


So this brings me back to Coach Kitchen.

As a parent, I was impressed with Coach Kitchen‘s track record. Just google “Coach Reggie Kitchen” and you will see a very long and distinguished list of NBA and College players that Coach Kitchen has trained. But when I met him, it only took few seconds to realize that the long drive was well worth it. Coach Kitchen talks to the soul of the player. He has the ability to connect with young people at a very deep and personal level. “If it is to be, its up to me”, is a phrase he has the players repeat at the end of every practice. His emphasis on THE PROCESS is a true sign of a master coach. “Its not whether or not you make the shot that matters, what matters is whether or not you executed a proper shot.”

I think Coach Kitchen represents what every parent, especially the CRAZY parents like me, should look for in a coach. Is your coaches emphasis on the individual development of each player, or are they simply trying to win games and tournaments? Is there a focus on FUNCTIONAL CONDITIONING (A concept we stress with every young athlete, and one that Coach Kitchen adheres to), or are they doing doing the “prerequisite” jog around the field before breaking into plays and formations? Coach Kitchen has brought in Coach Mo to help work with the growing following of players and parents, who like me, continue to find Sterling, Virginia for the 3-hour Sunday morning workouts.


We have been blessed to find Coach Kitchen and Coach Mo (shown above with my son, Quint, on the far right), and I am hopeful that other CRAZY sports parents find “Their Coach Kitchens” who will help in the development of their young athlete.

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