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Stupid Medicine introduction

New Blog Series: ‘Stupid Medicine’

It has become customary for me to disappear from the blog and social media scene for periods at a time (I’m going to try to do better). But I think I’ve found a new inspiration and a new energy. I admit that what we are going to be discussing is a bit delicate, but it is long overdue. The time has come for us to tackle the very delicate topic of STUPID MEDICINE!

Sometime the best ideas are born from the “stupidest” ones.

So without further adieu, we at Capitol Rehab are launching a new blog series titled “Stupid Medicine.” Stupid medicine deals with the topic of well-intended doctors, performing well-intended procedures that in reality, are so stupid, they would be best served to be removed from the medical literature.

I know this may sound a bit harsh, but there comes a time where you simply have to do what you have to do.

The stupid medicine blogs will:

1. Start with a condition

2. Break down the presentation of the condition

3. Explain the true root causes of the conditions

4. And then explain why the traditional medical approach is Stupid

In doing so, we will answer the age old question…”Why does it still hurt? I had the surgery and did exactly what I was told to do?”

Feel free to offer your own examples of where you’ve seen stupid medicine, and we will try to suggest smarter treatments.

Here’s the inaugural edition — on shin splints — in case you missed it.


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