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Courtney Fulton’s 7-Day Green Smoothie Challenge Starts Monday

It’s midsummer. You’re probably feeling your healthiest of the year with a glow on your skin and some outdoor activities under your belt that don’t include hot dog-eating contests.

Want to take it to the next level? Health coach Courtney Fulton is doing a seven-day smoothie challenge beginning Monday (July 13).

Courtney Fulton Facebook group photo
7-day green smoothie challenge

Green Smoothies are a fabulous gateway to health and a stepping-stone to creating lasting changes to your overall health and well-being.

Some benefits of Green Smoothies include:
√ Digestive aid
√ Hydration
√Great post-workout recovery drink
√ Effortless way to have your fruits and veggies daily
√ Mental clarity
√ Quick and easy preparation

Go on, give it a try. While you’re feeling strong.

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