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Movement & Breathing Techniques You Forgot You Knew: That’s FlexAware

FlexAware® is a new approach to fitness, healing, and exercise, for people of all ages and all health conditions. It’s based on the way young children naturally move and learn.

Young children, particularly in the range of 2-5 years old, move freely, spontaneously, somewhat randomly. You might recall seeing that with your children or grandchildren. Perhaps you’ve noticed it recently in a store or on the Metro.

Young children are remarkably strong and flexible, and they have great stamina and resilience. Yet they don’t do any formal exercise — no sit-ups or push-ups, no stretching or strength-training, no treadmills or stationary bikes, no yoga or Pilates. They play.

Their strength, flexibility, stamina, and resilience come from moving efficiently. Muscles throughout the body work harmoniously, with no wasted or excess effort. They naturally align with gravity, instead of fighting against it. And they don’t need to be reminded of breathing techniques. They breathe freely, effortlessly, in a way that involves muscles in the back and sides and front. Each of us was like that when we were young.

With FlexAware classes and individual sessions, you will rediscover that ease and skill. One of the unique aspects of FlexAware is that we coordinate the movements with our breathing. For example, exhale while bending or twisting, and inhale while returning to a neutral position. You move at your own pace, within your range of comfort, while gently expanding that range.

When we move easily and efficiently, weak muscles become stronger while tight ones relax and lengthen. Joints are more mobile, circulation improves, nerve activity improves. As very young children learn to walk, they leave crawling behind, they outgrow crawling, and FlexAware® can help you “outgrow” back pain, breathing difficulties, and other problem conditions. The benefits from chiropractic, physical therapy, massage, etc., will be more lasting, because you’ll be moving more easily and efficiently in your everyday activities.

Steven Shafarman, the creator of FlexAware, studied with Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais and is the author of Awareness Heals: the Feldenkrais Method for Dynamic Health. Steven created FlexAware, in part, to extend and enhance the efficacy of Feldenkrais sessions. He now sees it as an adjunct or alternative to yoga, Pilates, and other fitness and exercise practices. It can also provide strength training and cardiovascular benefits.

For more information, visit Or email Steven at or call him at 202-557-8384.

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