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Staff Spotlight: Q&A With Office Manager Beth Mills

Editor’s Note: In the interest of introducing patients to Capitol Rehab staff whom they may not often get to meet or work with, we’ve launched an occasional series that puts our team members in the spotlight.

Capitol Rehab staff Office Manager Beth MillsOffice Manager Beth Mills has worked in the medical industry since 2000, in surgery and radiology practices as well as in the field of durable medical equipment. She has been with Capitol Rehab of Arlington since 2009.

Beth enjoys traveling and running, and has mentored girls in the Girls on the Run program, which teaches 8-13 year olds to develop self-esteem through running.

1) Did you play sports in high school, or were you involved in other extracurricular activities?

I played soccer and volleyball. I did a lot of athletic training.

2) How did you end up going to Coker College?

I had never heard of Coker College, which is in Hartsville, S.C., about 70 miles northeast of the state capital, Columbia, but the soccer coach wrote me and asked me to come see it. I went down for a visit, and it was warm and everyone was friendly.  So on top of the fact that I could play soccer, that sealed the deal for me. I graduated with majors in psychology and theater, skills I frequently employ here.

3) How did you end up in Arlington?

I am from Woodbridge, which is not far from here. I love being close to D.C.  I love its diversity of people and activities. How I ended up at Capitol Rehab is a whole other story.

I answered a Craigslist ad.   I actually had just been fired from a practice and interviewed with Dr. Booker. The hours he offered me would not have paid my bills so I accepted a position working for another doctor at the same practice I’d been fired from. I was set to start Monday morning and exchanged a few emails with Dr. Booker over the weekend. He explained to me that I would be paid a full-time salary to work 35 hours a week. I met with Dr. Booker for a second interview early Monday morning and told him I needed 10 minutes so I could call the other practice and tell them I wasn’t coming back.

4) Which aspects of your job do you find most challenging and rewarding?

I love seeing patients walk out better than they walked into the office, especially if they start out on crutches. The day they are finally off the crutches is such an exciting day.

I also like working with athletes. Being a part of their process to help them reach their goals is an exciting thing.

5) How has working at Capitol Rehab of Arlington changed you?

I don’t take myself quite as seriously as I used to.

6) If you were in another profession, what would it be?

Underwater basket weaver.

7) What’s your favorite pastime, and what do you like about it?

I love watching movies. So many interesting stories and great acting. I’m all about it.

8) Anything you’d like to add about the practice or the services at Capitol Rehab of Arlington?

I love working at Capitol Rehab.  We’re family.

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