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Capitol Rehab Gold's Gym office entrance

Thank You For 20 Years. We Hope You’ll Keep Us Around for 20 More

Sunday was a very emotional and exciting day as it marked 20 years since Capitol Rehab first opened its doors. Twenty years!

We started out in the basement of the Clarendon Gold’s Gym. We were pretty green, and you can tell from the pictures that we didn’t have the best lighting. Miraculously, we saw 20 patients our very first day, and the blessings have continued ever since.

It is hard to image it has been 20 years since we converted an unused conference room into our first rehabilitation center. Somehow we were able to string together just barely enough money to rent some temporary office partitions, throw up some portable chiropractic tables, and use our home computer as the initial build out of a doctor’s office.

We painted the place ourselves, threw a sign on the front door, and announced to the world that we had arrived.

So much has changed over the years. We opened a second office in Bailey’s Crossroads. We closed an office in Bailey’s Crossroads. We opened an office in Rosslyn. We closed an office in Rosslyn.

Eventually we got it right and successfully opened a series of offices with current locations in Annandale, Sterling, Richmond, and Winchester, Va., Charlestown W.V., and Crofton, Md.

We have had the opportunity to work with professional athletes, Olympians, collegiate and high school athletes, and many others. Our brand has been to focus on helping people remain active, from their early days learning athletic skills to the over-40 basketball leagues to active walkers and everyone in between. It continues to be our privilege to serve wherever we can.

Indeed, as we look to the future, we feel like we’re just beginning a new phase of our growth — in the community and in our services. Chiropractic itself has evolved immensely in the last 20 years, and we’re pleased that our doctors have obtained many certifications in Active Release Techniques, a cutting-edge soft-tissue treatment.

What started as chiropractic and physical therapy has already expanded to include massage therapy and decompression. We have also partnered with service providers in the fields of wellness, nutrition and diet, sports training, and exercise classes.

As we offer more services, we wish to extend further our client reach to up-and-coming elite athletes. We continue to attract the weekend warrior seeking to complete his or her first marathon, and we want to help our steadfast patients as they move from youth to middle age to active senior living.

Age is inevitable, and seems to happen faster every year! We want to make sure that our patients can keep pace with the changes they experience as they advance through life while also ensuring that young athletes don’t adopt habits that could potentially sideline their competitive sports ambitions or their overall general health.

Throughout our planning, it will always be our goal to remain at the cutting edge of sports rehabilitation, chiropractic and physical therapy, and hopefully we will be doing so for the next 20 years!

To mark our 20th anniversary, we want to give back to all the people who’ve trusted us to care for them and open our doors to new clients who have yet to realize the many services we provide. Every month throughout the year we will have new offers for deep discounts and invitations to participate in fun activities. Keep an eye out via email and social media for coming announcements about opportunities to celebrate with us.

If you have not started following us on Facebook yet, we encourage you to join us. It’s this easy:

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To make it even more worthwhile to you, here’s this month’s anniversary special offer:

Like our Facebook page in the month of March and post a photo of you from 1996 on our Facebook page, and your chiropractic visit this month is FREE! If you weren’t alive in 1996, you can post an image of your parents. That counts. And we’re glad you’ve joined us now.

Just like us, post the photo, and give us a call. We promise not to make fun of the clothing, hair, or scenes you share, but we may have a quiet laugh.

If you missed this offer on our Facebook page, then you probably missed our photos from our very first days launching Capitol Rehab. I’ve attached them here for you to enjoy.

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