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Dr. jared Hatch, doctor of chiropractic

Staff Spotlight: Q&A With Chiropractor Jared Hatch

Editor’s Note: In the interest of introducing patients to Capitol Rehab staff whom they may not know, we run an occasional series that puts our team members in the spotlight.

Born in Olympia, Washington, and having grown up in Spokane, Dr. Jared Hatch can be forgiven for being a Seattle Seahawks fan.

However, it’s a love of sports as well as a deep sense of service to others that led Dr. Hatch to a career in chiropractic.

1) Did you play sports in high school, and if so, what? Were you involved in other extracurricular activities?

I dabbled in all sports in high school, but preferred basketball, track, including javelin, triple jump, and long jump, and cross-country. I was also involved in the Boy Scouts, and became an Eagle Scout at age 13.

In terms of other extracurriculars, I served an LDS mission in the Philippines for two years from age 19-21, learning the Tagalog language in the process.

2) How did you meet your wife?

I met my wife through a mutual golfing buddy. I had only golfed with him twice, and we became quick friends, and she had known him for 5+ years.  We met May 11 and were married on Aug. 31 that same year. It was a seven-week engagement.

3) How did you end up living and working in Arlington?

I was working in Fredericksburg when I met my wife. When we got married I moved up to Northern Virginia and joined the Capitol Rehab of Arlington team. My favorite part of working in Arlington is working with patients who love being active through running, weights, crossfit, etc.

4) Which clients do you find most interesting or challenging?

Every person who steps through the door has both similarities and differences to every other person who walks through the door, meaning each person is a puzzle that I need to figure out individually. Every person is the same in some ways, but at the same time unique.

I appreciate working with athletes and exercise-minded people because they already have a baseline of performance from their bodies that they want to return to. Helping these athletes achieve — and sometime surpass — their goals is rewarding and makes me push myself and appreciate the health I have.

5) How has working at Capitol Rehab of Arlington made you better at what you do?

Working with the other great doctors at Capitol Rehab has pushed me to “up my game” and challenges me to do my best on a daily basis regardless of personal aches and pains (both mental and physical).  I have also had opportunities to expand the services that I can offer to help patients get better more quickly.

6)  If you were in another profession, what would it be?

I would want to stay in the medical profession, probably a gastrointestinal doctor.  I have had GI issues in my life and have been impressed with the process and practice of what they do.

7) What’s your favorite pastime, and what do you like about it?

Besides hanging out with my family, my favorite pastime is golfing.  It is the only thing I love to do that I am not good at.  I find the challenge rewarding, and I love to be outdoors.

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