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Staff Spotlight: Q&A With Physical Therapist Gina Hahn

Editor’s Note: In the interest of introducing patients to Capitol Rehab staff whom they may not know, we run an occasional series that puts our team members in the spotlight.

Gina Hahn is the newest physical therapist at Capitol Rehab of Arlington. Coming to Virginia after receiving her doctorate in physical therapy at George Washington University, Gina specializes in manual therapy and functional movement, and is pursuing certifications in both dry needling and Active Release Technique.

1) Where did you grow up?

I was born and raised in Severna Park, Md., which is half way between Annapolis and Baltimore.

2) What sports did you play in high school?

I played soccer and lacrosse. I also participated in indoor track during the off-season to stay in shape.

3) How did you end up going to Elon and George Washington universities?

I looked for a small school that offered good science programs because I knew during high school that I wanted to become a physical therapist. Elon had a strong recruiting process for the mid-Atlantic region, which got my foot in the door. Once I visited the beautiful campus and spoke with current students who were so excited to be there, I was hooked.

After college, I wanted more clinical experience before entering into PT school so I worked for two years as a physical therapy tech in an outpatient clinic near Baltimore. I had a great mentor during those two years. The application process for PT school was daunting. I chose schools near and far from home, but landed at GW because of its professors’ welcoming attitude, and its reputation for excellence.

4) How did you meet your fiancé?

I met Josh at age 19 when I was home from college, working as a server in a local Italian restaurant. We became fast friends that summer, and nine years later he asked me to be his wife. We are getting married in March 2017.

5) How did you end up in Arlington? What’s your favorite part about living and working here?

I moved from Georgetown to Arlington during my second clinical rotation because of my commute. That was almost three years ago. I love that the Arlington community is hard-working and active. I also love that it is dog-friendly since Josh and I recently got a puppy.

6) What aspect of your job do you find most challenging or rewarding?

The most challenging aspect is working with people who can’t find time for themselves. I always tell my clients that physical therapists are facilitators in the process of healing. People get better faster when they are able to commit 15-20 minutes each day to their home program or other recommendations from their therapist.

The most rewarding part is observing and comparing improvement in my clients’ ability to move and return to their activities and hobbies with less pain.

7) Which patients do you find the most interesting and challenging?

I like working with people who are eager to learn more about their bodies and how their movement may be dysfunctional, which can lead to pain and limitation. I believe knowledge is power, and the more you know about your condition or impairment, the better.

8) How is working at Capitol Rehab of Arlington making you better at what you do? 

I learn well from others, whether it’s observing my colleagues perform their treatments, asking questions, or receiving constructive feedback. We are a team at Capitol Rehab, and we are committed to providing excellent health care.

9) If you were in another profession, what would it be?

I would be an artist. I love to paint, draw and sculpt. Working oils and a paint brush is so freeing!

10) Anything you’d like to add about Capitol Rehab of Arlington?

If you ever find yourself in pain or unable to perform activities you used to enjoy, please come see us. We are happy to help guide you through a rehabilitative program to improve your health and quality of life.

Learn more about Physical Therapist Gina Hahn.

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