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Putting together your medical team

Putting Together Your Medical Team: Meet the Doctors

I don’t always  make sweeping endorsements, but recent personal events have led me to realize that everyone needs in place a reliable medical team, so I wanted to offer a few suggestions.

Of course, putting together your medical team starts with Capitol Rehab of Arlington. Our vision is to be there with you to manage the aches and pains, maintain your health, and aid in your recovery as needed. But your medical team should also include some other key specialists to help you live a full and active life.

The team must include a good primary care doctor, or even better, a good primary care group. I like Premier Primary Care, Dr. Patrick Correnty, or Dr. John Feola.

As many of you know, I had a hip surgery this past January. Unfortunately, I will require a second procedure this November. So I’ve been doing doctor rotations. So I’ve been required by my surgeon to get clearance from a cardiologist before the procedure.

I have worked closely with Dr. Edward Morris, a cardiologist in Northwest D.C. If you’re in Northern Virginia, this location may be a slight pain (so to speak) to get to. Fortunately, you shouldn’t have to visit your cardiologist on a frequent basis so getting a good one, even if he is a little farther away, is important. Scheduling with Dr. Morris is easy to do online. The staff is friendly and professional, and Dr. Morris is extremely thorough with a warm bedside manner.

I strongly recommend everyone get a cardiovascular evaluation, especially if you haven’t had one in the last five years. And absolutely, get it done for your kids as well. My daughter was diagnosed with an abnormal heart rhythm when she was younger. We have consistently monitored it, and now at the age of 12, she seems to have outgrown it, and is perfectly fine. But I assure you, this is the type of information every parent should want to have at a very early age.

By accident or design, when you have athletic kids (like mine), you will probably find yourself in doctors offices more than you care to be. My son is 12, and he’s already had a fractured knee, a fractured wrist, and just the other day it looked as if he had broken his arm in a school football game. He did not, thankfully, but as I was describing my child’s past injuries with the medical assistant, it dawned on me that she would be in her right mind to have the proper authorities question me about what I’ve been doing to my son.

I recently relocated my home from Ft. Washington to Potomac so all of my professional contacts were no longer convenient. My kids’ school passed along the name of an orthopedist, Dr. Sam Sanders, who works with the school’s athletes. I called to schedule an appointment, and while Dr. Sanders was unavailable, his partner, Dr. Gabriel Petruccelli, who happens to be the team doctor for Georgetown Prep and The Heights School, was able to fit my son in the same morning.

It was suggested that I fill in the paperwork ahead of time, which I did, so when we arrived at 11:00 a.m., we completed the insurance verification process, gave the assistant my son’s medical history, had X-rays taken, met with Dr. Petruccelli, who conducted the examination and reviewed the X-rays, and were in the car heading home at 12:05 p.m. It was a highly efficient, professional, and a through process that left me very satisfied and motivated me to pass along these recommendations to you.

The name of Dr. Petruccelli’s orthopedic group is the Greater Washington Orthopaedic Group.  The practice has offices in Silver Spring, Rockville, Olney, And Germantown, Md. If this isn’t convenient, I would recommend giving Capitol Rehab a call for our list of orthopedic specialists in the Arlington area. For parents, you can also try calling your local high school to find out who they recommend. They will have good information for helping you find a group that is professional and proficient in working with children.

These are the essential providers, but there are several others you should consider.

— A good dentist and a dental surgeon

— A personal trainer

— A massage therapist

— A manicurist, especially if you do a sport where your feet take a beating. A good manicurist will prevent many activity-induced foot problems.

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