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How the Mundane Can Make You Thankful for a Second Chance at Life

Bill Booker gets a second chance at a hip.This holiday season, I’m thankful for a second chance at life. You often hear words like these after someone survives a near-death experience. I’m speaking these words after having my hip replaced.

It is something of a shame that it takes a life-altering experience in order for people to have perspective. Like most of you, I would have never have considered a “bad hip” a life-altering event, but it certainly ended up that way. I got to a point where I would count the steps it was going to take to get me from one point o another. The constant pain would result in a steady level of fatigue that resulted in me being happiest when I could just lie down and not have to worry about going anywhere. My good walk looked horrible and my normal walk would make people cringe.

And now I have a new artificial hip.

The pain I had become accustomed to is now gone, replaced by the soreness and weakness you would expect from a major surgery. A couple days post-hip replacement and I’m still popping pain meds like they are tic-tacs, but everything so far has gone according to plan, even if I underestimated how uncomfortable I would feel after having a bone sawed out of my body.

I’ve been assured that the recovery from a total hip replacement is not like the repair process I experienced with my first hip surgery. All of the damaged tissues have been replaced by inert plastic and ceramic structures.

But here is why I am so thankful for the second chance at life.

I had two surgical consults. The first surgeon told me I would be pain free, but would never be able to run again. The second surgeon also told me I’d be pain free, but that I would be able to train for a marathon in 3-6 months if I chose to do so!

He informed me that the new technology will last a lifetime, but only if I really take care of myself. I need to do the things I always preach to our patients. Lose some weight, get strong, focus on diet, sleep, and getting rest, and most of all, focus on a high quality of life.

My message for everyone is this: try to be the best we can be BEFORE we need our wake-up call. While surgical processes give us a second chance, how wonderful it is to keep all our original body parts for as long as possible.

3 thoughts on “How the Mundane Can Make You Thankful for a Second Chance at Life”

  1. Hey Dr B,
    Glad to hear you are on the mend.
    Enjoy the holidays and rest up: the ” new leaf” program for all of us starts soon!

  2. Dr. Booker,
    I’m sorry to hear what you have gone through, but happy to hear you’re recovering and that God gave you a second chance at life!

    You are so right. We only get one body- so we have to treat it right.
    What a great perspective to do this BEFORE we need a second chance… because we do not all get that opportunity. I believe the Lord blessed you with this second chance so you can help save others! Thank you for being faithful!


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