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Staff Spotlight: Q&A With Certified Massage Therapist Brenda Smith

Editor’s Note: In the interest of introducing patients to Capitol Rehab staff whom they may not know, we run an occasional series that puts our team members in the spotlight.  Meet the newest member of the Capitol Rehab of Arlington team, certified massage therapist Brenda Smith.

Brenda Smith

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1) Where did you grow up?

I was born in Erie, Pa., and stayed there until I finished high school.  Since then, I have lived in California, Idaho, Utah, Arizona, Florida, Ohio, and now Virginia.

2) How did you end up going to Utah College of Massage Therapy?

I chose the Utah College of Massage Therapy because of their reputation and variety of classes available.  In addition, I liked that they took their students to the University of Utah’s cadaver lab for their anatomy classes. I had been a student at University of Utah in interior design, just not that kind of interior design.

3) What brought you to Arlington? What’s your favorite part about living and working here?

Since moving to the D.C. area three years ago, I have lived in both Arlington and Alexandria, and I absolutely love it. I enjoy the history, the availability of things to do in DC and Virginia, and the convenience of having everything you need right in your neighborhood.  Most of my friends live in Virginia, which makes it very convenient to get together at a moment’s notice for dinner out or a Starbucks run.

4) What aspect of your job do you find most challenging/rewarding?

The physical challenges of being a massage therapist are surpassed by the reward of helping my clients feel better.

5) If you were in another profession, what would it be?

Aside from being a licensed massage therapist, I also have professional experience in marketing and real estate,  both of which are passions of mine.

6) What’s your favorite pastime, and what do you like about it?

I am one of seven children, and I love spending time with family and friends. We can be doing anything from going on a vacation together to a tropical location or to a cabin, out to dinners around town, or just for a walk in the streets of Georgetown.

I especially love taking my new Shih Tzu puppy Gracie with me as much as I can.  She makes everyone smile with her friendly personality and her overall cuteness.

7) Anything you’d like to add about Capitol Rehab of Arlington?

The doctors and staff at Capitol Rehab of Arlington are fantastic. I started as a patient of this practice, and each of the doctors is knowledgeable, caring, and amazing.  The staff is always warm and friendly, which makes the overall experience even better. One unique feature of this practice is the convenience of the check-in process — you simply swipe your individual card and you are checked in with minimal wait time.  They offer water in the waiting room along with various health-related products for your convenience, whether you are in need of a foam roller, supplements, etc.  Everything is thought of.

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