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Functional Medicine Readiness Questionnaire

Functional medicine is the intersection of naturopathy and Western medicine. It does not swear off the use of prescription drugs, but it also does not treat symptoms. In functional medicine, doctors identifies the genetic, environmental, and biochemical causes of illness that are the underlying causes of disease and create a program that addresses those variables. In many cases, by addressing those variables, patients are able to eliminate the need for prescription drugs.

Are you ready to look outside the box and consider a systems-based approach to health? Fill out the questionnaire to find out.

  • 54321
    Significantly modify your diet
    Take several nutritional supplements each day
    Keep a record of everything you eat each day
    Modify your lifestyle (e.g. work demands, sleep habits)
    Practice a relaxation technique
    Engage in regular exercise
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    How confident are you in your ability to organize and follow through on the above-related health activities
  • 54321
    At the present time, how supportive do you think the people in your household will be to your implementing the above changes?
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    How much ongoing support (e.g. telephone consults, email correspondence) from our professional staff would be helpful to uyou as you implement your personal health program?

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