Dr. William Booker, D.C.

Bill Booker headshot

Dr. William Booker holds a Doctorate of Chiropractic from the Cleveland College of Chiropractic, Los Angeles. He is a sports medicine specialist and is certified in Active Release Techniques® (ART). He attended the University of Virginia for his undergraduate studies, where he received his bachelor degree in psychology with a minor in biology.

 After completing his internship in Philadelphia, Dr. Booker relocated to Arlington, Virginia, to open the first Capitol Rehab inside of Gold’s Gym. Dr. Booker established Capitol Rehab of Arlington as the flagship for what would be the eventual opening of eight additional Capitol Rehabs located throughout Virginia, West Virginia, and Maryland.

From 2004 to 2008, Dr. Booker was a treating doctor for US Track and Field. He has worked with college and professional athletes throughout their training, ensuring they can excel in an injury-free environment. With an emphasis on maximizing outcomes for younger athletes, Dr. Booker has given himself to working with students in top AAU basketball programs, club soccer programs, and nationally ranked track teams.

Dr. Booker's two children are both accomplished athletes.