Legs astride to show variations in running form among marathon runners

Schedule a Free Running Form Evaluation

Schedule a Free Running Form Evaluation

Congratulations. You’ve decided to take your running to the next level. Scheduling a free 12-point functional evaluation of your running form will not only help you maintain your healthy lifestyle but it could also help you avoid injuries that runners often suffer when they rely too heavily on the same muscles and don’t use other muscles enough to protect the primary ones.

Whether going around the block or on a marathon course, you’re one step closer to improving your running form. Fill out the information below and hit the submit button. One of our office staff will call you back within 24 hours (or Monday if it’s the weekend) to schedule your free running form evaluation.


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Come in to the office and unlock the secrets to your best performance on race day.

Learn more about running form, endurance training and recovery. Read more on Capitol Rehab’s blog “In the Rehab Zone.”

Looking for a running coach? DC Running Coach Mike Hamberger holds clinics at Capitol Rehab every other month. Check the calendar to find Mike’s next clinic and call or use the Eventbrite link to reserve your spot.

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